"I was always attracted to use texts in my pieces, I liked the way text was communicating with a person who read it, I liked the ‘ballet’ dance of the letters (as signs) itself, the typography and expressive strength it keeps, its ‘plasticity’, its variety. But what was also (but not less) important for me in writing process and using it for and as a part of my art that text pieces kept so many levels of self-expression. It could be just random thoughts, which comes spontaneously but keep a great sense of everyday personal philosophy and mind dialogue with the reality; some sudden phrases which appear in a casual talk, argument or emotional conversation."
" To develop a theme of ‘private/public through ceramic in urban space’ I started with three main aspects which I wanted to develop in/through my  works: urban location, communication/narration, architectural-based application of my ceramic objects."
" Bricks, wall stones, pavement panels and slabs: those are standardized objects, having the certain function and usage, ‘puzzle’ details constructing the architectural and urban environment.

I want to follow the gradational process of ceramic, transferring from architectural element into an object with the highly expressive and communicative power. I create my own bricks and stones, pavement tiles/slabs to use them as mediators between me and a viewer; to brought up and share my thoughts, written fragments, metaphorical statements, which together build up an achieve of our common communicative experience, which keeps space for personal interpretation.

I use street space as a free stage opened for discussions, argument, opinions, and lyrical remarks. My objects as urban interventions not only tag my presence at the particular place but also work together with the surrounding they are brought to. They fill up ‘missing-brick’ spaces, rebuilding the stone voids and exchange damaged elements."

Daria Makarenko
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